Hanifa G.N. Shabazz Hanifa G.N. Shabazz

Dr. Hanifa G.N. Shabazz
4th District Council Member

E-mail: hshabazz@WilmingtonDE.gov

4th Councilmanic District Map

Dr. Hanifa G.N. Shabazz, a native Wilmingtonian raised on the Eastside, was educated by the Wilmington public school system and is a graduate of Wilmington High School. Hanifa raised her three daughters in the Southbridge section of Wilmington and educated them in the public school system. She is very proud of her daughters and five grandchildren who reside and own homes in the 4th District.

An entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, Council Member Shabazz brings a wealth of knowledge to offer the constituency of the Fourth District including innovative leadership and positive change. She was the first to implement the Neighborhood Assistance Act where a non-profit organization receives a financial contribution from a corporation and that corporation receives the benefit of a 50% tax credit.

Special Note About the CDC Report:
I appreciate the support from the community as we urge the State to push forward without delay in implementing the findings of a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which we believe can assist Wilmington and other cities to curb gun violence. Our efforts to build support for the CDC report has resulted in a recent articles in the New York Times and Philadelphia Daily News and an interview on National Public Radio’s nationally syndicated program entitled Here and Now. Here are the links to the CDC report and recent media reports:
CDC Report entitled Elevated Rates of Urban Firearm Violence and Opportunities for Prevention
New York Times article:
Philadelphia Daily News article:
NPR’s Here and Now interview:
The proliferation of gun violence, especially in African American communities in Wilmington and around the country, causes us to ask more and more questions about why these behaviors, in the form of continuous post traumatic syndrome, are happening.  Together we will find the answers and begin to save lives and heal families and communities.

In an effort to make the neighborhood streets safer, she conceived the “Light Up the Fourth District” initiative that empowered the community to identify blown, dimming or obstructed street lights in their community. Council Member Shabazz addressed the numerous complaints regarding downtown parking by convening a committee of parking and traffic authorities, and members the City’s administration to take a comprehensive look at parking from a legal, logistics, customer service and convenience perspective. The Parking Summit was attended by business owners, residents, and students.

Her latest efforts led to the development of the Southbridge Coalition for a Sustainable Community which was the first to enter into Delaware’s first Community Benefit Agreement with a corporation moving into their neighborhood. She also addressed the pressing economical empowerment issue through developing the PAID Program, a 12-week intensive Preparatory Apprentice Instruction Development Program that assists individuals in successfully passing the various construction trade union entrance exams.

“I look forward to continue working to empower my constituents with access to resources, knowledge of city policy and city government, therefore, ensuring they, too, are IN the middle of it all!”

Standing Committees of Council

Council Member Shabazz is Chair of the Public Works & Transportation Committee. She is also a member of the following committees:

  • Education, Youth & Families
  • Finance
  • Housing, Licenses & Inspections

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