JANUARY 19, 2012

Read the Summary of City Council Proceedings.


As a public service to the community, Wilmington City Council provides links to ordinances and resolutions presented at each City Council meeting.

Charles Potter, Jr.: 1st District

3612 Resolution 12-005 Encouraging the United States Post Office, Senator Christopher A. Coons, Senator Thomas R. Carper and Congressman John C. Carney to Oppose Any Plans to Close the Delaware Distribution and Processing Center Adopted
3613 Resolution 12-006 Encouraging the City of Wilmington, New Castle County and the State of Delaware to Provide Funding for a Gunshot Location System to be Installed in the City of Wilmington Held

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: 4th District

3614 Resolution 12-007 Authorizing the City of Wilmington to Enter Into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Delaware State Housing Authority with Respect to the Wilmington Senior Property Tax Assistance Program Adopted

Kevin F. Kelley, Sr.: 6th District (Mr. Kelley presented on behalf of Mr. Griffiths)

3610 Ordinance 12-001 Amend Chapter 6 of the City Code Regarding the Authority and Responsibilities of the Cable Video and Telecommunications Commission Codified

Paul F. Ignudo, Jr.: 7th District

3615 Resolution 12-008 Approving a Water Tower License Agreement between the City of Wilmington and T-Mobile Northeast LLC to Permit T-Mobile to Install and Operate Communications and Antennas and a Control Cabinet at the Base of the City’s Water Tower Located on or near 1651 Foulk Road Adopted

Charles M. "Bud" Freel: At-Large

3616 Ordinance 12-002 Amend Chapter 2 of the City Code by Amending Substitute No. 1 to Ordinance No. 09-031, As Amended by Ordinance No. 10-003, in Order to Authorize the City Treasurer Access to the Budget Reserve Account Funds at the End of a Fiscal Year and Replenishment of the Budget Reserve Account Funds in the Ensuing Fiscal Year for Fiscal Year 2012 Only Referred to Committee
3617 Ordinance 12-003 Amend Chapter 39 of the City Code Regarding Firefighters’ Pension Plan and the Police Pension Plan Referred to Committee

Loretta Walsh: At-Large

Rev. 1
Resolution 12-009 Approving the Wilmington Police Department’s Acceptance of the Delaware State Aid to Local Law Enforcement Grants to Perform Specialized Drug Investigations on an Overtime Basis; Purchase Equipment for a Mobile Field Force Team; and to Purchase Seven Digital Cameras for the Recording of Evidence at Domestic Violence Crime Scenes Adopted


All Council Sympathy Howard K. Toliver
All Council Sympathy Charles E. Smith, Sr.
All Council Sympathy Henry B. Supinski
Shabazz Commend Al Turner and Leonard Young
Shabazz Congratulate Wilmington Soldier’s Football Team
Wright Recognize Christina Cultural Arts Center’s Fruits of the Spirit Ensemble