APRIL 1, 2010

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As a public service to the community, Wilmington City Council provides links to ordinances and resolutions presented at each City Council meeting.

Charles Potter, Jr.: 1st District

3324 Ordinance 10-013 Authorize an Agreement for Engineering Services with Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. for Water System Improvements Held
3325 Ordinance 10-014 Authorize an Agreement for Engineering Services with Hatch Mott MacDonald, LLC, for Water System Improvements Held
3340 Ordinance 10-023 Amend Chapter 35 of the City Code Regarding Categories of Goals for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Referred to Committee

Ernest "Trippi" Congo II: 2nd District

3341 Ordinance 10-024 Enact Certain Traffic Regulations (Signs to be installed on Jessup Street, Washington and Market Streets) Referred to Committee

Stephanie T. Bolden: 3rd District

3326 Ordinance 10-015 Repeal Ordinance No. 09-078 As Amended, which Amends Chapter 37 of the City Code by Amending Section 37-226, As Amended, Regarding Special Residential Parking District Regulations in McCaulley Court Codified
3342 Ordinance 10-025 Enact Certain Parking Regulations (Various Locations Throughout the City) Referred to Committee
3343 Resolution 10-020 Encouraging the United States Postal Service to Issue a Commemorative Stamp Honoring the Life and Work of Clifford Brown Passed

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: 4th District

Rev. 1
Sub. 1
Ordinance 10-016
Approve Various Traffic/Parking Regulations at Specific Locations Throughout the City Enacted but not codified
3344 Ordinance 10-026 Enact Certain Parking Regulations (Signs to be installed in the Vicinity of Elbert Palmer Elementary School, and S. Tatnall Street) Referred to Committee
3345 Resolution 10-021 Approving a Lease Agreement between the City and Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware (“RDC”) to Permit RDC to Install a Secured Parking Area in the Poplar Street Right-of-Way between the Christina River and Front Street Passed

Kevin F. Kelley, Sr.: 6th District

3346 Ordinance 10-027 Enact Certain Traffic Regulations (“2-Hour Parking from 8am to 6pm Except Sundays” to be Installed between Lancaster Avenue and Tulip Street) Referred to Committee
3347 Ordinance 10-028 Amend Chapter 37 of the City Code by Amending Section 37-226, As Amended, Regarding Special Residential Parking District Regulations in and around Justison Landing Referred to Committee

Paul F. Ignudo, Jr.: 7th District

3348 Resolution 10-022 Authorizing the City to Acquire Prospective Properties at the April 13, 2010 New Castle County Sheriff Sale Passed
3349 Resolution 10-023 Approving the Receipt of Grant Funds from the State of Delaware’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program to Assist Neighborhoods Affected by Foreclosed and Abandoned Properties Passed
3350 Resolution 10-024 Approving Addendum #2 to Contract #HRLP 10-17 by and between the Delaware State Housing Authority and the City of Wilmington to Continue to Administer the Delaware State Housing Authority (“DSHA”) Home Repair Loan Program through February 29, 2012 Passed

Michael A. Brown, Sr.: At-Large

3351 Resolution 10-025 Approving the Filing of a Grant Application by the Department of Planning with the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs to Fund the City’s Historic Preservation Planning Program for the Fiscal Year 2010 Passed

Charles M. "Bud" Freel: At-Large

3352 Ordinance 10-029 Amend Chapter 44 of the City Code in Order to Extend the City’s Tax Abatement and Exemption Programs to June 30, 2014 Referred to Committee
3353 Ordinance 10-030 Authorize a City Contract with SWAGIT Productions, LLC Referred to Committee

Loretta Walsh: At-Large

3354 Resolution 10-026 Approving the Filing of a Grant Application by Department of Police to Obtain Grant Funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security FY2010 Port Security Grant Program to Purchase Additional Radio Equipment and to Pay Three Full Time Marine Unit Officers Defeated
3355 Resolution 10-027 Encouraging the General Assembly not to enact House Bill 357, which Prohibits Any Public Body from Regulating Firearms Passed


All Council Salute David Swayze
All Council Sympathy Jacqueline L.D. Wright Evans
All Council Sympathy Paul J. Miller, Sr.
All Council Commend 2010 Hall of Fame of Delaware Women
All Council Grand Opening of Life Worth Living Fellowship
All Council World Health Day 2010
All Council Commend Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware, Inc.
Bolden Sympathy Anna Mae Boston Willis
Bolden Sympathy James Eugene Townsend
Bolden Sympathy Mrs. Merlin D. Lewin
Brown Sympathy Darrell Jerome Swain
Brown Macedonia Baptist Church 5th Anniversary
Brown Sympathy Coleman E. Smith
Ignudo Via Crucis (the Way of the Cross) – 50th Anniversary
Kelley Sympathy Louis A. Ferrier, Sr.
Potter Sympathy Nathan Wayne Beasley
Potter Sympathy Gregory E. Smith
Potter Sympathy Linda Sharnell Frazier
Walsh/Council Sympathy Inspector Brian P. Waynant, Sr.
Walsh Best Wishes Pamela Jane Donovan and Maximillian Von Bodungen
Walsh Sympathy Elaine Petrucci Aviola Moser
Walsh Applaud the Quaker Hill Neighborhood Civic Association
Walsh Recognize Delaware Technical and Community College