NOVEMBER 4, 2010

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As a public service to the community, Wilmington City Council provides links to ordinances and resolutions presented at each City Council meeting.

Charles Potter, Jr.: 1st District

3446 Resolution 10-076 Approving the Filing of a Federal Grant Application to National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) to Provide a Passageway for Migratory Fish to Swim up the Brandywine River by Removing the West Street Dam Passed

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: 4th District

Rev. 2
Sub. 1
Ordinance 10-066
Amend Chapter 37 of the City Code by Amending Section 37-225, 37-226, 37-243, 37-263 and 37-265 Regarding Various Limited Parking Requirements Codified

Kevin F. Kelley, Sr.: 6th District

3447 Ordinance 10-072 Amend Chapter 44 of the City Code Regarding Assessment of Residential Properties in the Riverfront Wilmington Business Improvement District Referred to Committee

Paul F. Ignudo, Jr.: 7th District

3448 Resolution 10-077 Approving the Acquisition of Prospective Properties at the November 9, 2010 New Castle County Sheriff Sale Passed
3449 Ordinance 10-073 Amend Chapter 46 of the City Code Regarding Planning, Policy, Management and Enforcement of Code Provisions to Protect Trees in the Urban Forest and the Green/Infrastructure in Wilmington Referred to Committee

Stephen L. Martelli: 8th District

3450 Ordinance 10-074 Amend Chapter 48 of the City Code Regarding Variances Referred to Committee

Charles M. "Bud" Freel: At-Large

3451* Resolution 10-078 Accepting the Resignation of City Council Member Stephanie T. Bolden and formally Declare a Vacancy in the Third Councilmanic District Position Passed

*Note: Upon a motion of Mr. Freel, seconded by Mr. Kelley, Resolution item #3451 was added to the agenda. Motion prevailed.


Bolden Commend the Council of Jazz Advocates Delaware Chapter
Griffiths Sympathy Dr. James R. Soles
Shabazz Recognize Being Beautiful Is Being Me
Shabazz Congratulate Terri Williams
Wright Pastor J.P. Weaver & Mrs. Daschelle Weaver Pastoral Anniversary
Wright Recognize Project C.H.A.N.C.E. (Children’s Health, Achievement, Nutrition and Community Empowerment)