City Departments

Louis L. Redding City/County Building Louis L. Redding City/County Building

Examines the City’s internal control systems to determine whether the City’s objectives are accomplished in an effective and efficient manner.

City Treasurer's Office

Serves as the custodian of all City funds, manages the City's cash and debt, and administers the City's pension program.

Constituent Services

Receives and answers all requests for information about City government and the services it provides.

Cultural Affairs

Serves as the City's arts and entertainment ambassadors.

Economic Development

Promotes and develops all varieties of industry and initiates programs to increase job opportunities for City residents.

Emergency Management

Coordinates the efforts of all City department and the at-large community to ensure that city officials are prepared to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.


Maintains the City's financial records, billing and collecting amounts due the City, procurement, the budget and various administrative services.

Fire Department

Provides effective and professional response to all man-made or natural hazards to provide a safe environment and enhanced quality of life for City residents.

Human Resources

Responsible for recruitment and employment services, employee training and data management, payroll and benefits processing, collective bargaining contract administration and risk and benefits management.


Responsible for providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council and all City departments, boards and commissions.

Licenses and Inspections

Regulates various business activities through the issuance of permits, licenses, certificates and appropriate inspections to facilitate compliance.

Management and Budget

Ensures that the policies, management initiatives and overall executive plans of the Mayor are effectively developed, implemented and monitored in an efficient manner.

Parks and Recreation

Provides comprehensive programming that supports the holistic wellness of City residents and provides recreational, social, cultural, vocational and educational opportunities for City residents regardless of age or physical abilities.

Planning and Development

Provides assistance with land use regulations, site plan reviews, design review oversight, historic preservation, economic and demographic research, comprehensive planning, and other services related to the development of the City.

Police Department

Raises the level of public safety through law enforcement and thereby reduce the fear and incidence of crime.

Public Works

Provides the City's sanitation, recycling, street cleaning, water, and transportation services.

Real Estate and Housing

Partners with other City departments, government agencies, the private sector and other organizations to allocate and administer federal, state and local resources for the benefit of City residents and the neighborhoods in which they live.