Divisions and Programs


The Administration is responsible for directing and overseeing all departmental operations, and is responsible for carrying out all park rules and regulations, planning, scheduling, and implementation of all projects.

Youth & Families

This division is responsible for providing educational, vocational, social and cultural opportunities for children, feeding program to sites that have educational and enrichment programs; provide homework assistance, support services, SAT prep, college tours, community trips, community events, Youth In City Government program, summer youth employment, and summer camps.


This division is responsible for sports and recreational activities which includes martial arts, basketball leagues, tennis, Frisbee league, football, golf, track & field, softball, chess, billiards, swimming, and an all-season awards banquet. Also responsible for a number of special activities which includes The Wilmington Games, 5K Run/Walk Race, Senior Health Day, and summer park camp activities.


This division is responsible for maintaining, improving, and expanding lands and facilities. The Maintenance Division is divided into four sections: The Grounds Unit maintains and polices all parklands; The Forestry Unit enforces the City Charter regarding trees; The Landscaping Unit maintains the ball fields and beautification projects; and The Technical Unit handles repairs to all playground equipment.

Special Projects

This division is responsible for improvements to swimming pools, removal of layers of old paint on walls, floors and inside of pool, replacement of new colorful coatings, roof replacement of capital/special projects, park sidewalks and curb projects that are slated for improvement, replacement of slated broken and cracked pavements, installation of spray grounds, playground remediation and playground equipment improvement.

Public Health

This division is responsible for focusing on health promotion and disease prevention through individual, organizational and community involvement; forming partnerships with local, state and national health initiatives pertinent to community health and well being.

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