Department History

The 10 member board of Park Commissioners was created by an act of the State Legislature on March 13, 1883. William M. Canby was elected President.

The Commissioners doing their first years of operations, focused mainly on purchasing land for park development.

In 1886 and 1887, the Commission was able to purchase North Brandywine, South Brandywine and Delamore Park lands.

In 1887 Land was also purchased for what is now Kirkwood Park. In 1888 land for Rockford Park was purchased.

Eden Park was purchased in 1890. Eden Park is one of the oldest permanent establishments in the state. This farm dated back to 1783.

Under the terms of the City Charter, in 1967 the Board of Park Commissioners were replaced with the current management structure. The department is now under the leadership of a Director, who is appointed by the Mayor.

In 1973 the West Center City Community Center was built. In 1993 the center was renamed the William "Hicks" Anderson Center.

In 1992 the department moved to 22 South Heald Street. This was the first time that all divisions were centrally located at one site.

Today the department is located at the City of Wilmington Municipal Services Complex, 500 Wilmington Avenue. It maintains over 200 acres which includes parkland, plazas, playgrounds and parkways.

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Department of Parks and Recreation
City of Wilmington Municipal Services Complex
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Parks Maintenance: (302) 576-3820

Contact William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center

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501 N. Madison Street
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Phone: (302) 571-4266