FY2013 Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Funding

City of Wilmington FY2013 Public Service Funding Recommendations

The following agencies were notified on February 14, 2012, regarding their recent applications requesting FY2013 Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding from the City of Wilmington. Because of reduced Federal funding and new regulatory constraints, the City was not able to fund all the proposals received. The agencies/organizations listed below were recommended for funding by the Real Estate and Housing Department’s Advisory Review Panel and approved by Mayor James M. Baker.

The funding information below is just a portion of Wilmington’s FY2013 Annual Action Plan (which becomes effective July 1, 2012) which allocates nearly $4 million federal dollars to support a variety of local community services. The complete plan will soon be available on this website for a 30-day public review and comment period prior to the plan being submitted to City Council for final approval in late April or early May.

Once the completed FY 2013 Action Plan is posted on this website, comments may be emailed to REHcomments@WilmingtonDE.gov or mailed to Timothy Crawl-Bey, Director, City of Wilmington, Department of Real Estate and Housing, 800 N. French Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Name of Organization Program Description FY2013 Recommended Fund Type
YWCA Delaware Home-Life Management (transitional housing) 79,120.00 CDBG
DCRAC Housing Clinic 15,000.00 CDBG
Neighborhood House, Inc. Comprehensive Housing Counseling 19,000.00 CDBG
Sojourners' Place, Inc. Transitional Housing 20,000.00 CDBG
West End Neighborhood House Life Lines Program (former foster care housing) 25,000.00 CDBG
Challenge Program Youth Affordable Housing Construction Program 40,000.00 CDBG
The Salvation Army Code Purple (extreme cold weather shelter) 7,500.00 CDBG
Catholic Charities Bayard House for Pregnant Women and Teens 16,679.00 CDBG
Lutheran Community Services Housing Assistance Program 35,000.00 CDBG
Catholic Charities Homelessness Prevention Services 31,778.00 CDBG
YMCA Male Residence (single room occupancy) 30,880.00 CDBG
The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter 58,321.00 ESG
Ministry of Caring Mary Mother of Hope House I (shelter) 20,000.00 ESG
Ministry of Caring Mary Mother of Hope House II & III (shelter) 30,000.00 ESG
Ministry of Caring House of Joseph I (shelter) 10,000.00 ESG
Connections Community Support Program Rapid Re-Housing Program 56,866.00 ESG
Homeless Planning Council of DE, Inc. Homelessness Data & Info. Management (HMIS) 14,000.00 ESG
Delaware HIV Services, Inc. Housing Assistance Program (rental subsidies) 487,048.00 HOPWA
Ministry of Caring House of Joseph II (facility-based care) 57,400.00 HOPWA
Catholic Charities HIV Services Homeless Prevention Program 48,500.00 HOPWA
Connections Community Support Program Rental Subsidies for 12 40,200.00 HOPWA
Cecil County, Maryland Tenant-Based Rental Assistance 39,000.00 HOPWA
  TOTAL AWARDED $1,181,292.00  

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