WPD Camera Assessment Program WPD Camera Assessment Program

Shared Vision is a cooperative, community-based program designed to use surveillance technology to fight crime.

The WPD currently utilizes a network of over 70 cameras to monitor criminal activities and emergency situations. These cameras provide surveillance footage that is often invaluable in solving crime. Although this network continues to grow, there are still many areas of Wilmington left without the benefit of surveillance cameras.

The WPD recognizes that there are many members of the community who have private cameras installed outside of their residence or small business. Although intended for private security, these cameras may capture surveillance footage of criminal activity that can be instrumental in solving crimes.

The Shared Vision program seeks to locate and compile a database of privately-owned cameras within the City of Wilmington. The owners of these cameras would voluntarily cooperate and provide surveillance footage to the Wilmington Department of Police in the event that a crime occurred in front of their cameras.

To join the Shared Vision program:

  1. Complete the survey below.
  2. A representative of the Wilmington Department of Police will contact you to confirm registration information.
  3. In the event that a crime occurs within the camera’s surveillance area, a detective will discretely contact the owner and ask for permission to view the footage. Remember, even at this point participation is voluntary.

The Wilmington Department of Police believes that strong community partnerships are necessary to successfully fight crime. The Shared Vision program offers an opportunity for members of the community to proactively take a stand against criminal activity in their neighborhood.