WSCPC Action Plan

City of Wilmington Assistance

  1. Police
    1. Assign two community police officers to the following areas:
      1. Area A - Lancaster/6th-Jackson/Broom
      2. Area B - Lancaster/6th - Broom/Union St
      3. Area C - 6th/Pennsylvania Ave - Jackson/Union St
      4. Area D - Browntown/Hedgeville
      5. Area E - Bayard Square, Canby Park, Union Park Gardens, Flats, Southwest, Greenhill Ave
    2. Residential Parking Program for all residents. Some areas we could try for 24/7 just like Trinity
    3. Increase use of video surveillance cameras
  2. License & Inspections/Housing
    1. Request $1,000,000 in housing funds for renovations and new home development
    2. Add $50,000 to the L&I budget for overtime on Saturdays and after hours to target illegal rental properties, sanitation, multiple families and building permits
    3. Create a Public Service Employee Homestead Program for Areas A, B, C, D and E. Program would identify vacant properties for disposition to eligible city and public safety employees throughout the state. This program was proposed by Mike Melloy of Cool Springs neighborhood.
  3. City Council
    1. The following web site has been created to keep the community informed of the plan and to allow for citizens to send issues/concerns directly to council members Prado, Ignudo and Kelley.

State Resources

  1. State Park police patrol Cool Springs, Judy Johnson , Tilton, Kozusko and Father Tucker and McCoy Parks
  2. State Police patrol all state roads in the above areas; Lancaster, 2nd, 4th, Union, Maryland Ave, Union, Lincoln and Pennsylvania
  3. State Public Health to increase restaurant inspections
  4. State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission to increase surveillance and undercover buys

County Resources

  1. County Police assist with safety check points
  2. Patrol Areas A, B and D

Non-profit Agencies

  1. Request Non-Profit Agencies in the designated areas, seek funding to expand hours for youth
  2. Increase outreach efforts