About the West Side Crime Prevention Coalition

The West Side Crime Prevention Coalition is a collective effort of the residents of West Wilmington that seeks to address the issues related to crime in the neighborhoods of Hilltop, Cool Spring, Little Italy, Browntown, Hedgeville and West Center City. The boundaries are roughly I-95 to Union Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue to Maryland Avenue.

The group was set up by Council members Sammy Prado (5th District), Kevin Kelley (6th District) and Paul Ignudo (7th District). Our first meeting was held at the Greek Church on October 24, 2005.

Our mission is to bring all of the residents of the Westside together as we seek out ways to make our police department more responsive and proactive in fighting crime on the Westside. Our mission is strictly police related. Social and economic issues are not a component of our meetings.

This is an effort that seeks to unify the people of West Wilmington into one strong voice that demands action by the police against criminals on our streets. The Westside of Wilmington is unique and diverse area that includes, Puerto Rican, Mexican, African-American, Italian, Polish and Irish residents. Such diversity is source of strength for us and is all the more reason why the people have come together to fight crime.

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