Trees are a valuable city asset. Trees are a valuable city asset.

About Wilmington's Trees

Wilmington's Urban Forestry Program

Wilmington recognizes that trees are valuable economically, aesthetically, and for the environmental sustainability of the region. In January 2011, City Council adopted a new tree ordinance that categorizes trees as a type of green infrastructure. The new ordinance upholds sound urban forest management techniques and protects and expands the urban forest by creating policies for permitting, tree protection during construction, tree replacement, and outlining rules and regulations for arbor work within the City.

Tree descriptions and locations are provided by the City of Wilmington, DE. The basemap is hosted free of charge by ESRI, Inc. using maps centered in Chester County, New Jersey.
More About the Urban Forestry Program

City Trees Contact Numbers

Street Tree Concerns:
(302) 576-3878

General Tree Questions:
Herbert W. White
Urban Forest Administrator
(302) 576-2582