Everyone Wins With Exploring

Youth Benefits

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Interest in continual education
  • Career information; insight into future vocation
  • Positive alternative to negative youth activities, such as drug abuse and involvement with gangs
  • Sense of acceptance and belonging
  • Safe environment for adult-like activities
  • Opportunities to participate in practical, real, and meaningful hands-on experiences
  • New career and personal skills
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Service to others

Employee Benefits

  • Greater job awareness
  • Developing leadership and problem solving skills
  • Re-evaluating ethical and moral values
  • Opportunity for greater community involvement
  • Respect from youth and community
  • Identification as appropriate adult role models
  • Enhancing communication, planning, and program development skills
  • Greater commitment to service
  • Developing interpersonal skills used in the workplace and elsewhere

Contact Explorer Post 100

Chief Anthony S. Goode
Wilmington Fire Department
Emergency Operations Center
22 S. Heald Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: (302) 576-3950

Fax: (302) 571-4039

Email: anthony.goode@cj.state.de.us