Learning for Life Fire Service Guidelines

  • Explorers may not be substituted for trained personnel.
  • Explorers must be equipped with personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the activity being done.
  • Explorers may be mobilized as a post, with required leadership. Explores are not to be on call as individuals.
  • Explores who ride on fire apparatus or other fire department vehicles must be seated and must wear a seat belt.
  • Explorers may not drive fire department vehicles.
  • Explorers may not climb aerial ladders.
  • Explorers may not climb ground ladders that exceed 35 feet in length, or not supported against a structure.
  • Explores may not enter or perform ventilation procedures on a burning structure.
  • Explorers may not use any tools or gloves on energized electrical equipment.
  • Explorers may not operate cutting torches.
  • Explorers may not operate hydraulic rescue tools and equipment.
  • Explorers may not handle life nets.


The use of aerial ladders with the appropriate safety equipment, and entering a controlled burning building is approved when that training is conducted at an official training facility.

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