Keeping Wilmington Clean


Join Mayor Dennis P. Williams, 8th District City Council Member Charles 'Bud' Freel, and the Clean Wilmington Committee in pitching in to keep Wilmington clean. If you see litter, pick it up. If you walk your dog, be responsible, and when you put your trash on the curb, make sure it's in a proper trash can that has a lid.

The Clean Wilmington Committee is a group of residents, business representatives, and City officials created by Executive Order of the Mayor to improve the cleanliness of our City. They have developed a long-term plan to deal with trash and litter issues and are reaching out to their fellow citizens to gain support and participation. The Committee will help coordinate community clean up programs and ensure that City codes are being enforced.

Trash and Recyclables Collection Schedule

March 2017

Mar 2017

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