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Wilmington CVT Commission

Meeting of the Wilmington Cable, Video and Telecommunications Commission


  • Introductions
  • Roll Call of Committee Members
  • Adopt Minutes from March 8, 2019 Meeting
  • New Business:
  • Discuss and Vote to Refer “LAPA Producer’s (sic) Grievance Letter to CVT and City Council Members”, “Channel 28 Program Producer’s (sic) Grievance Letter to CVT and City Council Members” and “Application for Congo Hours Children’s Corner to be Aired on Channel TV 28” to CVT and City Council Members to the City of Wilmington Office of Cable and Communications
  • Report from Red Clay Consolidated School District regarding the operations of the Educational Access Channel Manager Agreement, which airs programming on the City’s education channel
  • Summary Update from DETV – the City’s Third-Party Operator (TPO) for Public Access/Leased Access
  • Update from WITN regarding Station’s Programming
  • Public Comments
  • Adjournment

(Rev. 1, 06/18/19)

Commission Members

Chair: Hanifa Shabazz, City Council President
Linda M. Gray, 1st District City Council Member
Zanthia L. Oliver, 3rd District City Council Member
Rysheema J. Dixon, City Council Member At-Large
Marchelle Basnight, City Council Designee
John Rago, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Communications, Office of Mayor Michael S. Purzycki
Matthew Warren, Law Department Designee
Kelly A. Williams, Public Works Commissioner
Terrence J. Williams, City Auditor

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