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Let’s Bring Amazon to Wilmington!

Post Date:09/08/2017 12:45 PM

Wilmington is very pleased to join with the State of Delaware, New Castle County and our Federal Congressional Delegation in an effort to bring Amazon’s new North American Headquarters to Wilmington and/or Delaware. Governor Carney issued the following news release today about the joint efforts underway to relay the wonders of Delaware to Amazon.

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Delaware Governor John Carney

Delaware Will Compete for Amazon Headquarters

WILMINGTON, Del.Governor John Carney said Friday that Delaware will submit a proposal to Amazon, which is seeking a location to open its second North American headquarters. The Governor intends to bring together Delaware's federal delegation, leadership of all four caucuses in the General Assembly, the New Castle County Executive, and the Mayor of the City of Wilmington, as the state develops a proposal presenting Delaware as the ideal location for Amazon.

“Delaware is extremely well-positioned to be the site of Amazon’s second North American headquarters,” said Governor Carney. “We have a world-class workforce, and communities that are ideal places to live, work, and raise a family. Delaware is centrally located, with easy access to international airports, extensive railroads, shipping ports, and major interstates. Combine our location with the state's ability to work quickly and collaboratively with government, business, and academic leaders, and it becomes clear why Delaware would be an attractive option for Amazon. The company is already creating jobs in Delaware, and our bottom line is this: Delaware stands ready to help businesses create good-paying jobs and grow right here in our state. We look forward to making our pitch directly to Amazon, and giving Delaware the best chance to secure the new headquarters.”

“Delaware may be small, but that’s what makes us so nimble when it comes to creating a nurturing environment for business,” said U.S. Senator Tom Carper. “With our first-class workforce and easy access to major highways like I-95 and the northeast corridor railway, the First State would make a great location for Amazon’s second North American headquarters. Moreover, employees look for a place that their families can grow and thrive. Great communities, good schools, pristine beaches, proximity to major cities, and friendly people are hallmarks of Delaware and make it a great place to call home.”

“Delaware is the best place for Amazon’s second HQ because Amazon’s corporate values of excellence, agility, diversity, and inclusion mirror what we value and practice in Delaware,” said U.S. Senator Chris Coons. “I’m proud of our business-friendly economy, our world-class workforce and ample space for commercial development. Which is just the reason why companies like Incyte, Bank of America, Chemours, and others chose to either have their corporate headquarters in Delaware, or a substantial presence in the First State. Amazon already has an impressive footprint in Delaware, and I highly encourage Mr. Bezos to continue to invest in Delaware by locating their second North American headquarters in Delaware.”

“Delaware, coined the ‘Diamond State’ for our central location and accessibility, has so much to offer Amazon’s expansion,” said U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. “We feature a dynamic workforce, forward thinking leaders, and opportunity for growing businesses to thrive. Our size allows us tremendous flexibility and interconnectedness. We have diversity, arts, and cultural opportunities for employees to enjoy. Political and local leaders have a history of working together for our community, our businesses, and our neighbors. As our state economy continues to transition, Delaware is investing in jobs for the future and creating an ecosystem for growth.”

“We are pleased to work in partnership with the State and County governments and our Federal delegation to bring Amazon to Delaware,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki. “Naturally, I have a preference for the company coming to Wilmington, but this is a huge opportunity to provide employment for our City residents as well as those who live beyond Wilmington’s borders and to boost our local economy. Amazon will find that Wilmington and all of Delaware welcomes and supports business and knows how to help businesses grow and prosper. We appreciate this opportunity to show Amazon why coming here is the best move it can make.”

“Delaware is the premier destination for Amazon to tap into an exceptional workforce, extraordinary location, high quality of life and a responsive and responsible public sector,” said New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer. “New Castle County is where Amazon should build for the future, and we look forward to collaborating to make that case.”

“Delaware has a well-earned and longstanding reputation as an excellent place to live and to do business,” said Delaware President Pro Tempore David McBride. “Fortune 500s like Amazon flock here for our business-friendly attitudes and legal system, but we offer far more than the world’s foremost Court of Chancery. We also have one of the most skilled, educated workforces in America. We have easy access to I-95, rail, and the Port of Wilmington, in addition to the country’s best digital infrastructure. We’re within two hours of four major cities, and twenty minutes from Philadelphia International Airport. And we have a small, nimble government that values its employers and constituents, and can act quickly when they need something. Amazon knows that firsthand, since they already have two successful fulfillment centers open here. I speak for my colleagues when I say that I’ll do everything in my power to support our efforts to bring them to Delaware.”

“Delaware has been home to some of the best and most innovative companies in the world,” said Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf. “It's my hope we can add a giant like Amazon. Being home to its second national headquarters would mean good-paying careers for residents. We have the advantage of location and flexibility. Being a state of neighbors, we can respond to any issues or questions they might have. I hope Amazon sees that and it gives us a leg up.” 

“I am eager to begin work with all governmental agencies, including our municipalities, counties and State to achieve what I hope will be a long-term relationship between Delaware and the Amazon corporation,” said Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson. “Our strong business reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently has always been rooted in our unique ability to work together to achieve results for the businesses that choose to call Delaware home.”

“Our size is an advantage,” said Delaware House Minority Leader Danny Short. “We can literally bring all the players to the table in a single room and be more responsive than perhaps any state in the nation. When DuPont and Dow merged, not many people would have believed we would be able to land the headquarters of two of the three resulting businesses, but that's what happened. I think we have the same type of opportunity here.”

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