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Wilmington Opens New Web Portal to Assist Telecommunications Providers with 4G and 5G Technology Advancements

Post Date:02/13/2019 3:30 PM is a portal to receive and process applications for small cell technology News #wilmde link

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki today invited telecommunications companies to visit the City’s new small cell application center at so the City can assist them with the installation of small cell technology in Wilmington’s public rights-of-way. The new site is available to vendors such as AT&T, Verizon, Crown Castle and others who would like to improve or add to their 4G communications and data technology systems, as well as prepare for the next wave of 5G technologies.

“Wilmington’s goal is to become a smart City,” said Mayor Purzycki. “This means having more technology and data available to improve government efficiency and services, as well as to ensure that businesses and citizens have the latest and most advanced technology available to them. Our City’s rights-of-way are very valuable to us. Companies will now be able to install infrastructure on poles owned by the City, State or Delmarva Power to support additional and much-needed 4G and 5G technology.”

Because of legislation developed by the City’s Law and Public Works Departments in collaboration with telecommunications providers over the past year or more and approved recently by City Council, the Mayor said Wilmington now has an extensive and fair permit application and review process available to companies that wish to install small cell wireless systems in the public rights of way. Mayor Purzycki said the City wants these companies to be successful in deploying systems as needed to fill any data transmission gaps that exist, while also protecting the interests of citizens, neighborhoods and the City’s rights-of way.

Wilmington’s new small cell wireless webpage summarizes the processes enacted by the new City Ordinance and the Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Manual that accompanies it. Mayor Purzycki said citizens can use the webpage to further understand small cell wireless technology, the aesthetic and safety standards for this technology in Wilmington, and receive important updates.

Wireless providers seeking to apply for a Wilmington Small Cell Wireless Permit can find documents and other permit information useful for submission. The documents on the webpage include the Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Checklist and the Small Cell Wireless Permit Application cover letter. Additionally, there is support information and documents to assist Wireless Providers understand the processes and regulations created by the City. Information on the website also includes FAQS, various manuals that define the regulations for Small Cell Wireless Facilities, and supplemental maps.

According to the U.S. wireless communications industry’s website, CTIA, small cells look completely different than the wireless infrastructure many of us have seen in the past. We are used to what are called macrocells—tall cell towers along highways and on city rooftops. Small cells are smaller. They are lower-power cell sites installed every few blocks, instead of miles apart. Small cell installation consists of small radio equipment and antennas placed on structures such as streetlights, the sides of buildings or utility poles. High-density placement is key for small cells because in addition to traditional low-band spectrum, they can transmit data using mid- and high-band spectrum—and those airwaves cannot travel as far. But these mid- and high-band frequencies will help bolster 5G network capacity due to their ability to send larger quantities of data at higher speeds.

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