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Wilmington’s Beautiful City Campaign Continues as New Trash Bins are Rolled Out Citywide

Post Date:01/15/2020 11:00 AM

SMART technology trash bins are being delivered to 21,000 residents

Wilmington’s Public Works Department has been busy this week delivering new gray-colored trash bins to 21,000 residential properties throughout the City. When the new trash bin program was announced a few weeks ago, it was anticipated that the City would receive the bins from the manufacturer in March, but instead, production accelerated, and the new bins started arriving in Wilmington last week. Now they are being delivered door-to-door. Public Works Director Kelly Williams said most, if not all, of the bins should be delivered by Friday.
If a resident does not receive a bin or has any questions or concerns about the new state-of-the-art trash bin program, please call the Public Works Call Center at 302.576.3878. Read more information about the new SMART trash bin technology later in this news release.
The new trash bins MUST be used for trash disposal. The City will not collect trash if it is placed in another type of container. Some residents are choosing to keep their old trash can for storage of wood, mulch, and other garden or household materials. For those who wish to dispose of their old cans, please mark them as “TRASH” and the City will collect them on the same day that trash from the new bins is collected
Mayor Mike Purzycki said he hopes the new bins help to produce a cleaner City by reminding residents to follow the law and place trash in the bins and not on City streets. The Mayor said he also hopes the new trash bin deliveries remind residents to continue to recycle as much as possible and place their recyclables items in their maroon recycle bin. The Mayor said the more we recycle, we can reduce the amount of trash that goes to the local landfill. If a resident would like a recycle bin, please call the Public Works Call Center at 302.576.3878. Here are tips from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority on how to properly recycle materials.
Mayor Purzycki said because of social media posts in recent days from City residents, Wilmington has begun a partnership with Eco Plastic Products of Delaware, a non-profit recycling facility on Germay Drive in Wilmington. The Mayor said Eco Plastic Products will take some of the trash cans being disposed of by City residents as well as some of the City’s older trash bins. Eco Plastic collects plastic bags, some types of discarded trash cans and other plastic materials and turns them into useful and sustainable products. Eco Plastic also provides employment for individuals associated with ARC, a local agency that promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community through advocacy and services to individuals and their families. Eco Plastic produces park benches, bicycle racks, picnic tables, hexagon picnic tables, handicap accessible picnic tables, golf accessories, parking blocks, sandboxes, lumber, and memorial benches. Eco Plastic also uses 70% on-site solar energy to convert plastic materials into useful objects.
Public Works Commissioner Kelly said Wilmington’s new “SMART” trash bins represent a new generation of trash collection. She said each trash can has a proprietary HF (high frequency) GPS chip molded into it with a bin assigned to an individual parcel. City trash collection vehicles now have proprietary technology installed, allowing the trucks to read the chips and identify every can that has been tipped or collected. That data is fed into Cart Vision Software, which will give the City a complete inventory of cans issued, an exact location of each cart traced by GPS, real-time tracking of parcel collections and a real-time bread crumb report of locations serviced while the trash trucks are on the street.  The Sanitation Division will now be able to review collection in real-time making it a completely transparent operation.  Soon, the City intends to display the real-time map on the City’s website giving constituents the opportunity to track City trash and recycle collection vehicles.
Cart Vision Software also allows for the Sanitation Department to manage work orders of all cans City-wide.  Cart Vision maintains real-time inventories of assigned assets. With mobile technology, work orders can be created and closed in real-time while on the street allowing for immediate service. With the GPS technology, the City will be able to locate any reported missing or stolen cans, allowing for the quicker recovery of City assets.  Using the Cart Vision program, the City has already stream-lined City services and is reducing the waiting period of can service from eleven weeks to seventy-two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New SMART Trash Bins

Do I have to use a cart rather than bags?
Yes. The cart will help maintain the cleanliness of neighborhoods, reduce the risk of injury to the sanitation crews, and collect important service data for the Sanitation Department.

How was 65 gallons determined to be the standard cart size?
Based on City statistics and nationwide averages, a family of four only generates enough trash to require a 65-gallon cart with once-per-week removal. When used in combination with single-stream recycling, a 65-gallon cart should easily accommodate this amount of trash.

What if my trash doesn’t fit in the cart?
If you set out more than what will fit in the cart, you will want to ensure you are recycling to the fullest.  While we will collect trash in addition to the cart, the purpose of the cart is to eliminate unprotected bags on the curbside.  In addition, the Sanitation Department will anticipate heavier trash loads around holidays and events. If you have larger items, please arrange for a bulk pick-up by calling 302-576-3878.

What if I realize the 65-gallon cart is not big enough? Can I change cart sizes?
No. Residents will be able to request a smaller cart, but the larger carts will be designed for multi-family locations over two units.

Can I have two trash carts?
At this time, the City will only collect one cart of trash per household.

Can I still use my old trash can?
The City will collect trash from City-issued carts; the cart is a measuring cup of allowable trash.

Will the City dispose of my old trash can?
If residents choose to get rid of their old trash can, they must place a sign on the can and put it alongside the City-issued cart.  The Sanitation crews will dispose of the old can.

Will curbside recycling still be available?  Can I request a larger recycling cart?
The City will continue to provide curbside recycling.  There are currently three sizes available at request: 35, 65, and 95-gallon capacity.

What about my yard waste service?
All yard waste should be place in the appropriate paper yard waste bag and put out on your designated recycling collection date.

What if my cart is damaged or needs to be cleaned?
Residents will be responsible for cleaning their carts. Placing all garbage in bags will help keep your trash cart free of residue and odors. (NOTE: Please do NOT bag recyclables. Recyclables should be placed loose in the recycling cart.)  If either of your carts need to be repaired, call 302-576-3878.  Please do not attempt to repair the cart yourself. 

If I move, can I take my cart with me?
No. The carts are the property of the City of Wilmington.  Each cart is assigned to a specific property address and may not be used at any other address. 


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