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Statement from the Office of the Mayor and Wilmington City Council

Post Date:05/30/2020 7:30 PM

The following joint statement and video from the Executive and Legislative branches of City Government was issued late Saturday by Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki, City Council President Hanifa Shabazz, Council Public Safety Committee Chair Loretta Walsh, and Council Public Safety Committee Vice Chair Chris Johnson.

The statement follows and here is a link to the video.
“We are united in Wilmington in mourning the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In fact, we are outraged by what happened to Mr. Floyd. We also take this opportunity to mourn the loss of other people of color who have died needlessly in recent months and years through a troubling history of racial divide in our country. The majority of those who protested today in Wilmington are from our City and expressed their feelings peacefully with the utmost respect for Mr. Floyd as well as for themselves, their families, and their City. We appreciate and honor their freedom to express their hurt and anger, because we feel as they do.
We acknowledge that today is more than just about a single tragic incident but is an acknowledgment of centuries of oppression against communities of color. We are frustrated by the continual lack of progress in closing a racial divide that is repeatedly ripped open instead of being narrowed or healed. We are frustrated that we, those in authority by elective office or other appointment, have thus far been unable to fix a society that enables inequality and poverty. Can we possibly seize this opportunity to better understand each other and develop a greater appreciation for different life perspectives? Can we come together and change what is wrong with the current system? We believe we can, and we make a sincere offer to listen more intently to what those who feel alienated have to say. Talk with no action is cheap. But talk can also change the world. It is better to talk about how we can all act to make the changes needed to promote opportunity and equality and close the racial divide.”


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