About the City of Wilmington

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City Skyline from Justison Landing

City skyline from Justison Landing

Wilmington is strategically located approximately mid-point between New York and Washington. Philadelphia's International Airport, the Greater Wilmington Airport, and Amtrak's main east coast line provide national and international accessibility. Three major interstate highways, excellent state highways and scenic U.S. routes link Wilmington to the entire east coast. One third of the nation's population and income is within a 350 mile radius of the City. Wilmington is home to more than 72,000 people of diverse backgrounds.

Wilmington is often referred to as the "corporate capital of the world". Over half of the Fortune 500 companies call Wilmington their corporate home. The unique synergism that exists between government, business and labor has successfully addressed the issue of infrastructure rebuilding, leading the City to its position as financial, governmental and corporate hub of the State and region.

Efficient mass transportation, ample parking and a dynamic environment for more than 40,000 workers who live, work and play downtown, are evidence of the City's rebirth. A number of public/private partnerships have contributed to an outstanding growth record.

Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate Wilmington's 552 acres of picturesque parklands, which include the Brandywine Zoo, jogging trails, and wooded picnic and recreation areas. Wilmington is home to the Playhouse and The Grand Opera House, preeminent centers for the performing arts, where one can enjoy performances by world renowned entertainers and Broadway theatrical productions. The Delaware Theater Company, the State's first professional theater group, occupies a newly constructed facility along the City's Christina River. Performances of fully-staged professional opera may be enjoyed at the Grand Opera House. The rich historic legacy of the duPont Family can be experienced by visiting the area's internationally acclaimed Nemours Mansion and Gardens, Winterthur, Hagley Museum and Longwood Gardens.

Wilmington welcomes you to a diversity of lifestyles. An exclusive downtown address may be impeccably restored Victorian townhouses, a sleek, high-rise condominium community or a handsome single family dwelling in a friendly neighborhood. Extraordinary communities nestled in lush, verdant hills offer the comfort of country living but are only minutes from the business pulse of the city. Housing is abundant and affordable in Wilmington, and profitable resale values reflect the healthy progress of the City. From kindergarten to college, Wilmington offers quality education, with curricula focused on employment opportunities. Shopping at the Market Street Mall is a six-block delight ...and tax-free. A pedestrian concourse leads to cosmopolitan shops, quaint sidewalk cafes, artisans' boutiques and charming galleries.

Rebirth of the City's Waterfront as evidenced by comprehensive, mixed use, Christina Gateway development is a reflection of the City's past, president and future. A city rich in history-Wilmington offers a unique blend of the old and new. The Downtown is dotted with historical attractions: Old Swedes Church, erected in 1698 and still in use. Willingtown Square, where several of Wilmington's oldest residential structures have been relocated and reconstructed. Rodney Square where Delaware's hero of the vote for independence is honored. Wilmington in proud of its history and excited about its future.