Wilmington's Civil Rights Activism

Wilmington, Delaware has a long history of Civil Rights activism. Tributes to ground-breaking attorney, Louis L. Redding, and retrospectives of the National Guard occupation of the city in 1968 are told in many places, but other lesser-known stories that moved the needle of human equality forward deserve sharing as well.

The portraits here are a work in progress, intended to shine a long-deserved light on the courage and accomplishment of “ordinary” citizens who labored for justice from the 19th century to the present.

Archival photo of Alice Dunbar-NelsonAlice Ruth Moore Dunbar-Nelson (1875-1935)
Archival photo of William H. "Dutch" BurtonWilliam H. “Dutch” Burton (1911-1993)
Archival photo of William Howard DayWilliam Howard Day (1825-1900)
Archival photo of St. JosephSt. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church (1890-present)
Archival photo of the Walnut Street YMCAWalnut Street YMCA (1940-present)