Preparing for an Inspection

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Interior Maintenance


  • Easily operable weather tight frames and windowpanes free of broken or cracked glass and loose or deteriorated materials


  • Minimum 7’0”ceiling height without water damage or defective surface conditions
  • Structurally sound and free of tripping hazards
  • No insect and/or rodent infestation


  • Clear pathways capable of supporting imposed loads with securely attached hand and guard rails


  • Properly installed service panel(s), outlets, plumbing and heating system free of electrical hazards with all unused gas lines adequately capped

Fire Protection

  • Properly installed and working smoke detector located on all sleeping areas; one smoke detector must be in the main living area. If basement or cellar, additional detector at or near top of basement stairs. One smoke detector at each common hallway landing – multi-dwelling units.
  • Carbon monoxide detector within 40’ of all sleeping rooms; carbon monoxide detector must be in mail liing area and in basement.


  • Properly connected and working plumbing, appliances, lighting and ventilation with suitable space and sanitary conditions
  • Adequate outlets free of electrical hazards
  • GFCI on kitchen countertop/wall. All outlets within 6’0” of sink be GFCI


  • Properly installed and operating facilities with hot and cold running water to each fixture, proper lighting, ventilation and working outlets free of electrical hazards
  • Must have at least one GFCI outlet adjacent to sink. All outlets must be GFCI.

Exterior Maintenance


  • Grounds free of high weeds and grass, unsanitary conditions, debris, junk vehicles, etc


  • • Structurally sound without holes or gaps
  • • Intact shingles and flashing that is structurally sound and free of leaks
  • • Properly attached and unobstructed for discharge of drain water


  • Evenly spaced steps with firmly anchored hand and guard rails


  • Secure doorframe molding that is weather tight, rodent proof, free of loose, broken or deteriorated materials.
  • Lock windows, if accessible (first floor or over roof)
  • No barred windows
  • Working hardware with readily operable locks that tightly secure exterior doors (single cylinder locks only)

Walls/Overhangs/Painted Surfaces

  • Weather protected and intact with non-peeling, chipping or flaking paint that is free from rot
  • Visibly posted unit numbers on front and back of building

Fences/Accessory Structures

  • Permitted and properly located with no damaged, missing or leaning sections


  • Adequate and properly installed wiring, fixtures and outlets with cover plates on all outlets and service panels
  • Property should be maintained free of rodent infestation and accumulated debris with adequate trash and/or recycling facilities
  • All repairs, maintenance work, alterations or installations shall be conducted in a workmanlike manner. Workmanlike is defined as executed in a skilled manner; generally plumb, level, square, inline, undamaged, and without marring adjacent work.