Become the Center of Attention

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Fans enjoy Fireworks Night at a Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game. (photo by Carlos Alejandro)

Wilmington is a true business community, not just a collection of companies. Whatever the size, whatever the nature of your business, you’ll stand out here and get the kind of attention and support that will help your company thrive and grow.

Valuable resources include:

  • Active local business and civic associations
  • A full range of professional services and products, including best-of-class corporate legal and financial support
  • A large, skilled and highly-motivated workforce
  • Extensive local higher education and specialized training resources for continuing employee development

Look more closely at the Wilmington business community and we think you’ll agree that we have the critical mass of a larger urban center, combined with the kind of closeness and personal attention you’d expect to find in a smaller town. When you’re in Wilmington, you’re in the middle of an ideal setting for doing business in a way that’s personally satisfying.

Wilmington offers diverse housing options.

Find the good life

The key to pleasant living is having choices, and people who work in Wilmington have plenty.

Housing options here are as diverse as you can imagine, including:

  • Charming old city neighborhoods
  • Upscale condos and apartments
  • Landscaped suburban communities
  • Small towns and country estates

And compared with other major cities known for high housing costs and grueling commutes, the Wilmington area puts highly desirable options within easy reach. And if you just want to get away from it all for a while, there are gleaming beaches in towns and parks along Delaware’s Atlantic coast.... boating and fishing in the nearby Chesapeake Bay.... and the rolling farmlands of Amish country in Pennsylvania.... all within a couple hours’ drive.