Administrative Board

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About the Board

  1. The administrative board shall approve before adoption:
    1. Rules prescribed by departments, boards and commissions for their internal governance;
    2. Regulations as may be necessary and appropriate for any department, board or commission to promulgate in the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties under the Charter or any statute or ordinance. Regulations must be approved by the law department before submission to the administrative board.

(2) The administrative board shall review all changes to the human resources code, position classifications, pay plan and all other personnel matters which require council action before submission to council. 

(3) The administrative board shall approve the payment of extra compensation for extra services to employees of departments, boards and commissions not in the merit system, all approvals to be certified to the city auditor prior to the rendering of such services. 

(4) The administrative board shall determine from time to time: 

 (a) The hours when offices of the city government shall open and close; 

 (b) The expenses for which officers and employees may be reimbursed. 

(5) The administrative board shall from time to time investigate duplication of work of the several departments, boards and commissions, the efficiency of the organization and administration thereof, and the better coordination of the activities of such departments, boards and commissions.

City Code: Sec. 3-102. Administrative board.


Chair: Mayor Michael S. Purzycki

Secretary: Charlotte B. Barnes
Director, Department of Human Resources

Tanya Washington
Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor Michael S. Purzycki

Robert M. Goff, Jr.
City Solicitor

Hanifa Shabazz
President of City Council

Charles M. "Bud" Freel
Chair, City Council Finance and Economic Development Committee
8th District City Council Member

James Brett Taylor
Director, Department of Finance