Audit Review Committee

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2019 Meetings

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February 1 Agenda  
July 30
October 22  Agenda  
December 9

The purpose of the Audit Review Committee is to assist the City in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the integrity of the City’s financial and operational results, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and performance of the City’s Audit Department and independent auditors.


The Audit Review Committee has the authority to conduct or authorize special audits and investigations into any matters within its scope of responsibility. It is empowered to:

  • Approve the City Auditor’s Annual Audit Plan.
  • Resolve any disagreements between management and the internal/external auditors regarding financial or operational control and reporting.
  • Review and accept external auditors’ reports along with management’s written responses when appropriate.
  • Meet with City management, external auditors, legal counsel, or others as necessary.
  • Be consulted regarding changes in the City auditor’s duties.
  • Be immediately informed of all matters that impair the conduct of an audit or review; however, where feasible such matters shall be first brought to the attention of the Mayor’s Chief of Staff before communicating them to the Audit Review Committee.
  • Review and approve requests for special audits requested by elected officials.


Financial and Operational Review Oversight
Review significant accounting, operational and reporting issues and understand their impact on the financial and operating results on the overall City’s system of internal control.

Review the results of internal audits and reviews with management and the City Auditor.

Review and discuss the annual audited financial statement results with management, the external auditors and the City auditor.

Internal Control
Evaluate the effectiveness of the city’s internal control system, including information technology security and control.

Understand the scope of internal and external auditors’ review of internal control over financial and operational reporting and obtain reports on significant findings and recommendations, together with management’s responses.

City Audit Department
Review with the City auditor and management the annual audit plan, activities, staffing and organizational structure of the City Audit Department.

Ensure there are no unjustified restrictions or limitations

Review the effectiveness of the City Audit Department function including compliance with the Institute of Internal Auditors Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the General Accountability Office’s Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.

City Code: Sec. 2-671.1. - Audit review committee.


Chair: Robert C. Johnson

Tanya Washington
Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor Michael S. Purzycki

Charles M. "Bud" Freel
Chair, City Council Finance and Economic Development Committee
8th District City Council Member

Marchelle Basnight
Chief of Staff, Wilmington City Council

Ciro Adams
City Council Member At-Large
City Council President Appointee

Angelique Dennis
City Council President Appointee

Ronald Pinkett
City Council President Appointee