City Officer & Employee Residency Review Board

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About the Board

Employees' annual declaration of residency; officer and employee residency review board. There is hereby established a city officer and employee residency review board ("residency review board") to be comprised of 11 members. The members of the residency review board shall be the city auditor, the finance director, and the administrative assistant to the mayor, and two other administration representatives designated by the mayor, one member-representative of each of the four city employee collective bargaining units ("union representatives" as hereinafter further defined) and two residents of the city who shall not be city employees, who shall be qualified electors of the city and who shall be appointed by the mayor, be confirmed by resolution approved by a majority of all members of council, and serve at the pleasure of the mayor. The four "union representatives," to be selected by each union's membership, shall serve for terms of one year each. The residency review board shall have authority to review all matters of administration and enforcement of the requirements of this section and of section 3-304 of the city charter. In its review of any such matter, the residency review board may make findings of fact and conclusions of law and its determination and decision shall be final. The residency review board may adopt such procedures and forms as it may deem necessary, subject to approval of the administrative board.

City Code: Sec. 2-151. - Employees' annual declaration of residency; officer and employee residency review board.


Eleven voting members sit on the City Officer & Employee Residency Review Board. They are:

Terence J. Williams
City Auditor

Patrick T. Carter
Director, Department of Finance Director

Tanya Washington
Chief of Staff 

Jeffrey J. Starkey
Commissioner, Department of Licenses and Inspections

Herbert M. Inden
Director, Department of Planning and Development

Todd Ress
Local 1590 Representative

Harold Bozeman
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Representative

Jerry Crespo
Local 320 Representative

Steve Colone
Local 1102 Representive

Bebe Ross Coker
City Resident

The 11th seat on the board is currently vacant.

Non-Voting Members

Charlotte B. Barnes
Director, Department of Human Resources 

Maria Perez
Department of Human Resources

Tara DiRocco
Law Department