Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha

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1st District Council Member


Effective immediately, this page is inactive. Please visit www.wilmingtoncitycouncil.com for information about Council Member Chukwuocha. 

Wilmington City Councilman Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha is the son of the late William “Hicks” Anderson, a well-known and respected community advocate. Councilman Chukwuocha was elected on November 6, 2012, as the City Council Member for the 1st Councilmanic District for the 106th City Council Session. On November 15, 2012, he was appointed by a Council Resolution to fill the vacated First District seat for the unexpired term of the 105th Council Session.

Councilman Chukwuocha has a strong desire to continue his father’s legacy by linking it to his own 25 years of committed service to the community (he began working in the community at age 13, as a camp counselor at the Walnut Street YMCA) and his vision for a United First District that works together to improve the lives of all city residents.

Councilman Chukwuocha is certainly no stranger to citizens of Wilmington and the tri-state area. He and his twin brother, Al, perform, tutor, mentor, are big brothers, community activists, leaders, scholars, summa cum laude grads, allies, soldiers, father-figures, artist, teachers, camp directors, counselors, historians, master social workers, brothers, friends, fathers, sons, - all of theses titles can be summed to one: The Twin Poets. Truly their work reflects their lives. Not many who have witnessed a performance or have read a poem by the Twin Poets would deny that they have seen or felt the power. Their compassion and commitment for their work and words is deeply rooted in their efforts to utilize art as a tool to empower our children and communities. For the past two decades these two First District-based wordsmiths have been warriors on the frontline for their community. Placing the needs of the community before their own, founders of GOALS (Getting Organized Always Leads to Success), a tutoring and mentoring program run out of their home in North Wilmington. They teach children about the importance of self-expression and learning to write down their thoughts to help themselves and others with the challenges and opportunities they face. In December 2015, Governor Jack Markell appointed the Twin Poets to be the 17th Poets Laureate for the State of Delaware. Their designation as Poets Laureate mark the 1st time nationally that twins/sibling have shared the title and the first for spoken word artist.

Councilman Nnamdi Chukwocha is a very well-known and respected leader within the community. In the artistic community The Twin Poets are the epitome of spoken word artist, their words supported by their work in the community truly validates their roles as leaders nationally in the spoken word arena. In the non-profit community Nnamdi is again a well-respected, vastly experienced leader. Nnamdi’s leadership and service on many, city and statewide, Boards and Commissions is deeply rooted in his direct service involvement in the community. These boards include the Wilmington HOPE Commission created by Mayor James Baker, the Early Childhood Education Council established by Governor Ruth Ann Minner, Wilmington Education Improvement Commission and the CDC Advisory Council created by Gov. Markell.

Councilman Chukwuocha views his role as a legislator as the highest level of social work, advocating for and creating legislation that improves the quality of life for all city residents. He is chair of the Education, Youth & Families Committee; and is a member of the Housing, Licenses & Inspections Committee and the Public Works Committees.

Standing Committees of Council

Council Member Chukwuocha is Chair of the Education, Youth & Families Committee. He is also Vice-Chair of the Finance & Economic Development Committee, and a member of the Community Development & Urban Planning Committee.