Divisions and Programs

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Labor Relations

The City’s labor relations staff is responsible for the negotiations, administration, and compliance of six (6) Collective Bargaining Agreements, the City Code, City Policies and Procedures, Federal, State and Local Laws. Advice and counsel is also provided to Management representatives and City employees.

For more information about the City of Wilmington labor relations, contact Martha Gimbel, Director of Labor Relations & Classification, at (302) 576-2460.

Training & Employee Relations

Training is provided by all Human Resources departmental staff and coordinated by the Employee Relations Advisor. This staff is responsible for the City’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy and procedures city wide and provides advice and counsel to employees and supervisors.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's training and employee relations, contact Sheila Martin, Human Resources Administrator, at (302) 576-2460.

Classification and Compensation

This team is responsible for assigning City positions to the appropriate pay scales, FLSA designations and union affiliations. All job descriptions are reviewed, revised and maintained by this group.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's classification and compensation, contact:

  • Martha Gimbel
    Director of Labor Relations & Classification
    (302) 576-2460
  • Paula Gatos
    Human Resources Administrator
    (302) 576-2460
  • Tracy Knotts
    Human Resources Compensation & Research Technician
    (302) 576-2460
  • Elinza Cain
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Maria L. Perez
    Human Resources Specialist

Payroll & Information Systems Management

The Payroll staff is responsible for accurate and timely payments of approximately 1100 full time employees and from 100 to 600 limited service employees, in accordance with the City’s compensation, benefits and reporting policies, and federal and state laws. This group also manages electronic data on City employees and generates human resources and payroll reports accordingly.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's payroll and information systems management, contact Wendy Stanford, Payroll Manager, at (302) 576-2460.

Risk Management & Employee Benefits

The Director of Risk Management & Employee Benefits provides oversight for the City government’s insurance programs. The Risk Management Division includes Risk Management, Employee Health and Welfare benefits and Health & Safety & Medical Dispensary services. The Risk Management and Employee Benefits Division evaluates the City’s risk, resolves liability and workers compensation claims, recommends and manages insurance coverage and conducts health and safety programs.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's risk management and employee benefits, contact James Robb, Acting Director of Risk Management & Employee Benefits, at (302) 576-2460.

Insuring City Vehicles, Buildings and Property

Risk Management staff are responsible for managing the insurance program for city vehicles, buildings and property. The division provides efficient and expedient handling and resolution of the City’s property and casualty claims. This staff works closely with the City Solicitor’s Office to resolve claims involving litigation.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's risk management, contact Norma Ramirez, Claims Supervisor, at (302) 576-2460.

Employee Health & Safety

Worker’s Compensation Claims Administration and the Medical Dispensary

The Medical Dispensary managed by the Occupational Health & Safety Program Manager provides medical evaluation and referral for workers compensation claims and occupational health issues. Occupational health includes conducting pre-employment and fitness for duty physical examinations, managing annual Police and Fire physical examinations, coordinates pre-employment, random and post accident drug testing and wellness sessions. The Risk Management Analyst ensures all Workers’ Compensation claims are thoroughly investigated and processed in a timely and proficient manner. The section Manager conducts safety audits on City facilities and work practices, provides health and safety training to ensure optimal working conditions for employees, residents, and guests of the City of Wilmington.

For more information about the City of Wilmington's Medical Dispensary, call (302) 576-3854.

Occupational Health & Safety Staff Directory

  • Bruno J. Battaglia
    Occupational Health and Safety Program Manager
  • Oluseyi Senu-Oke, MD
    City Physician
  • Lourdes Valentin
    Medical Records Clerk
  • Tracy Quann
    Risk Management Analyst
  • Nellie Moore, RN-BSN
    Occupational Health Nurse