Department of Licenses and Inspections

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About the Department

The Department of Licenses and Inspections protects the life, health and safety of all citizens of Wilmington by monitoring all buildings through code enforcement and abatement of code enforcement and abatement of code violations. This is achieved by regulating various business activities through the issuance of permits, licenses, certificates and appropriate inspections to facilitate compliance. Visible examples of this department's activities include:

  • Building permit fees to reflect the approximate cost for processing and required inspections
  • Business licenses and sign permits
  • Schedules the Zoning Board of Adjustment hearings on code requirements
  • Registration and enforcement of vacant structure codes

Look Up the Status of Your Permit or Inspection

If you are a business or homeowner who has applied for a permit or would like to know the status of an inspection, visit the Permits and Inspections Portal.