Park Friends Groups

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Join one of the Department of Parks and Recreation basketball teams.
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Participate in the Department of Parks and Recreation weightlifting program.

The City of Wilmington is committed to the preservation and promotion of its parks. This goal is best be achieved is through the active civic involvement from the residents of Wilmington. To ensure their long-term care and growth, Friends Groups have been developed around many of Wilmington’s parks.

What is a Park Friends Group?

A park friends group is formed when a group of citizens with common interests in the stewardship of a local park join together. Organized and led by local residents, these groups work closely with the Mayor’s Office, City Council, Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Department of Planning and Development, as well as other outside groups and organizations. The goal of the program is to more cohesively organize the concerns, ideas, and plans that residents and neighborhoods have for the future of their own neighborhood parks. These groups can become involved in a variety of activities on behalf of that park, including park programming, fundraising for park projects, conservation, capital project planning, and volunteer beautification efforts.

Wilmington’s Park Friends Groups

To see a complete list of the Friends of Parks Groups that are currently supporting Wilmington’s parks, please visit this link for the Wilmington Parks Network.

While our existing Park Friends Groups are doing wonderful work, there is always a need for more Friends Groups to be established, so that each city park can have an active support network of neighbors to lead the charge in advocating for that open space.

If you are interested in joining an existing Park Friends Group, or if you are considering establishing a new Friends Group, please contact the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Development at (302) 576-3109.