Code Enforcement

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The primary responsibility of the Code Enforcement division is the enforcement of the fire safety regulations such as the Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations and National Fire Protection Codes. Inspectors work closely with other departments, including the Department of Licenses and Inspections, to ensure a safe community for Wilmington’s citizens and visitors. Inspections are conducted in newly constructed buildings, renovated existing buildings, and existing occupancies to ensure compliance with fire safety. In addition to inspections, the FMO also participates in testing of fire protection systems such as fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems to ensure these systems are functioning to code. Inspectors conduct fire drills in commercial and residential buildings throughout the city and review emergency plans to ensure the safe and efficient evacuations of these building. The FMO also investigates complaints, answers questions from the public, and assists the Public Education Specialist with requests for fire safety training when necessary.

The Fire Marshal’s Office plan review section reviews building plans and fire protection systems for new or renovated buildings for compliance with the City Code, Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations, and applicable NFPA codes and standards.  For more information or to access the Fire Protection Plan Review Application, please visit the Fire Protection Plan Review Application page.