Fire Protection Plan Review Application

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The Plan Review Section reviews building and fire protection system plans for compliance with the City of Wilmington Code, Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations and applicable NFPA codes and standards. All Plan Review Submittals require a completed Application Form, application fee and one set of sealed plans. Processing of Submittals is completed in date order, (first come, and first served basis).

Pre-plans review meetings can be arranged, by appointment only, to present project concept prior to the official submittal of completed design documents. A Pre-plan review meeting is not an official plan review and should not be considered an official approval. The pre-review meetings should be limited to one hour, and appointments should be made one week in advance.

Any conditional approval does not relieve the Applicant, Owner, Engineer, Contractor, or their representative from their responsibility to comply with the plan review comments and the applicable provisions of the State of Delaware Fire Prevention Regulations.

You should allow two to three weeks for the plan review process depending on volume of work. Plan reviews are processed by date of submittal and in the order in which they arrive.