Employee Benefits

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 The City of Wilmington takes pride in offering one of the best employee benefits packages in the area. Benefits include employer-paid benefits and options for employees to purchase additional benefits.

Health Insurance & Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The City offers several plans administered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware to eligible employees and their eligible dependents at a shared cost with a nominal employee contribution. Consideration of domestic partnership coverage is made for all employee groups. The plans provide in-network services with coverage at either 90% or 100% and co-pays ranging from $5 to $30 for outpatient visits. The pharmacy coverage is three tier, Generic, Preferred and Non-Preferred, with co-pays ranging from $7 to $35. The vision coverage includes one routine eye examination by a network optometrist or ophthalmologist in a 24-month period and a vision care discount program provides additional cost reductions.

Cash Back Incentive Program
Employees who choose to enroll in medical or dental coverage other than the City’s and can provide proof of this medical coverage may be eligible to receive additional income.

Dental insurance is provided at little or no cost to the employee and their eligible dependents. Two plans are available depending on the employee group.

Employee Assistance Program
HMS or Human Management Services, Inc. is a confidential employee assistance program offered to all employees and their eligible dependents at no cost. HMS assists employees seeking counseling on family issues, addictions, workplace difficulties, stress management, life transitions and emotional difficulties. This program provides evaluation, brief counseling and referral, crisis intervention and a 24 hour crisis line. For more information, please visit www.hmsincorp.com.

Life Insurance, LTD & FSA

Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Life insurance to a maximum of $50,000 is provided to each employee at no cost. Additional life insurance and supplemental accidental death & dismemberment insurance may also be selected for an additional cost.

Long Term Disability
The City provides long term disability insurance benefits at no cost for you and your family in the event you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness for a period beyond six months. The benefit amount is 60% of a regular monthly salary to a monthly maximum of $2,500 with certain offsets included.

Flexible Spending Accounts
The City of Wilmington provides employees the opportunity to save pre-tax dollars/income to pay for qualified health care expenses not covered by the City’s plan, qualified dependent daycare services and/or qualified commuter expenses.

Retirement Benefits

Pension & Deferred Compensation Program
The City provides an opportunity to enroll in a pension program with a 2% employee contribution and a 457 program.

Vacation, Holiday and Sick Benefits

Time Off Benefits
Vacation benefits accrue with one 8-hour day per month in the first year or so of employment and increase with your employment time up to a maximum of 25 8-hour days annually. Sick time, or combined leave, is earned at the rate of one 8-hour day per month up to a maximum of 240 8-hour days. The City provides 13 holidays per year with an additional holiday on election years for a total of 14- 8 hour days.


Live Near Your Work Homebuyer Assistance Program
The City coordinates with the State of Delaware’s Live Near Your Work (LNYW) program to provide up to $5,000 in homebuyers assistance for newly hired employees, first time homebuyers, and those employees choosing to purchase a residence in one of the City’s unique and culture-blended neighborhoods.

Download the Live Near Your Work Homebuyer Assistance Program packet.

Additional Benefits

Blood Bank
The City of Wilmington offers a free membership to employees and paid time off to donate blood, one of the requisite options for membership. Other options are making a payment of $35 or having someone else donate blood in your name.

Tuition Reimbursement
The City encourages employee self-development and continuing education and provides a reimbursement program for eligible employees annually for qualified college or certification courses taken that year.

Donated Leave
The City has established a leave pool to allow employees to donate accumulated vacation and sick leave for potential use in emergency situations by other employees whose leave has been exhausted.

Military Mobilization Pay
The City provides employees on active duty pay equal to the difference between his or her military pay, if higher, and his or her regular base salary for a period of one year.

Mentoring Opportunities
The City provides employees with weekly paid time off to mentor children in qualified programs.

*Benefits for employees under collective bargaining agreements may vary.