Wilmington 2028

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Mayor Mike Purzycki helps community residents during the annual Wilmington Community Cleanup Day.

Developing a Plan for Our City and Communities

The City of Wilmington is developing a new citywide comprehensive plan that will guide growth and development across the city for the next decade. The plan is called Wilmington 2028 and is being managed by City Planning Director Herb Inden and his departmental team.

“Much is being done at both the government and neighborhood and grassroots levels to improve the quality of life here in Wilmington,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki. “This comp plan process affords us the opportunity to address the challenges our city faces today as well as develop a new vision for tomorrow. This will be a community-driven effort which I would like to see reflect the hopes and priorities of our citizens. This plan will guide future development, and shape where and why public and private investment dollars are spent to make Wilmington a stronger and more prosperous city over the next decade.”

Public Survey

Whether you live, work, or spend time in the city of Wilmington, we invite you to share your thoughts as we develop our comprehensive plan. One way to do this is to fill out our online public survey, which takes ten minutes or less to complete. If you or someone you know is unable to complete the survey online, please contact Gemma Tierney at grtierney@WilmingtonDE.gov to request a hard copy of the survey. You can also complete the survey at our public forums to be held in November.