Doing Business in the City of Wilmington

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To operate within the City limits for the City of Wilmington Business owners must not only have a State business license but also they must obtain a city business license as well. If a business plans to bid for projects through the City of Wilmington’s procurement division and/or do business with the City of Wilmington they will need to complete a Vendor application.

Business owners are required to pay head tax at the sum of $15.00 per month for every employee in excess of five employed by the licensee within the city in carrying out the business of the licensee. Head tax abatement is available for employers who employ in excess of 50 full-time employees (including the business owner) and are committed to staying within the City limits for five years.

Wilmington’s current FY 2019 property tax rate is $1.995 per $100 of the assessed value of a property. Property tax abatements are available for properties that meet the requirements defined in the property tax abatement program and located in one of the designated areas noted on the property tax abatement map. Business owners must own the property to qualify for a property tax abatement.

  • Property Tax Incentive Exemption Application
    The application is currently being updated. Please call the Finance Department's Customer Service Call Center at (302) 576-2620 should you have any questions regarding this application or the program.