COVID-19 Information Center

A Message from Mayor Mike Purzycki

I ask all Wilmington residents to take care of each other – taking special care of our elderly and infirm neighbors – and be mindful of your own actions during this uncertain and unsettling time. We want everyone to stay safe from the effects of the novel coronavirus, and not to contribute to the spread of this deadly illness. This includes following the advice of medical experts, such as washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and maintain social distancing while limiting personal interactions as much as possible.

All of us in public service around the state are taking our guidance from Governor John Carney and his excellent team of health care and emergency management experts, who continue to provide valuable information each day as this emergency unfolds. I urge all City residents and businesses to follow the directives of the Governor’s Office while we remain under a declared state of emergency.


Guidance for Reopening Buildings
Suspended and Delayed City Services
Think Before You Flush
WPD Request Regarding 911
Daily Meal Distribution and Respite for the Homeless

The City is still open and conducting business to the best of our ability. However, to help limit exposure to the virus by City workers as well as members of the public, if you do have to conduct business with the City we ask that you do via telephone by calling (302) 576-2620, or here on the City's website.

Please stay informed and protect yourself and others while doing what you can to support the many members of our community who are struggling. The economic impacts of this pandemic will be felt for a long time to come, so if you can, consider supporting those in the hospitality industry by ordering a take-out meal until bars and restaurants are permitted to reopen, or support your favorite artist or musician by purchasing merchandise from their website or perhaps contributing to an emergency fund. You can even lend a hand – or request assistance – through Facebook community groups like The Helpers: Delaware Pandemic Response.

We are all in this together, and working together as a community, we will get through this. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.
 How to report price gouging in Delaware. Visit  Wilmington. In this together. We will get through this!