Delaware Sex Offender Registry

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The Wilmington Police Department supports the Delaware State Police by providing links and information related to this service, which provides the public with information regarding registered sex offenders.

Synopsis of State Law

Provisions of Delaware State Law related to the registration of convicted sex offenders are defined and codified in Title 11, Chapter 41

Delaware State law requires the registration of adult and juvenile offenders who have been convicted of certain offenses, as defined in 11 Del Code § 4121(a)(4). 

Offenders are categorized into a Risk Assessment Tier by the sentencing court or the Delaware Attorney General’s Office. The Risk Assessment Tiers are defined under 11 Del Code § 4121(d) and (e). The Tiers are generally referred to as follows: 

  • Tier III (High Risk)
  • Tier II (Moderate Risk)
  • Tier I (Low Risk)

For more information and to search the database of registered offenders, visit the Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry website

You can also visit the National Sex Offender Public Website

WPD Compliance and Contact Information

The WPD Drug, Organized Crime and Vice Division ensures the agency’s compliance with the above provisions of State law, handling community notifications as well as investigating possible violations.

Those with questions or concerns can contact Detective James Tobin at (302) 576-3643 or