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Mayor Mike Purzycki and Chief of Police Robert J. Tracy are pleased to present citizens with weekly data-driven performance measurements for the Wilmington Police Department.

The City would like citizens to be more aware of what the WPD is doing to reduce crime and improve community relations. Whatever we achieve as a city to improve public safety has to be done through the efforts of the entire community, which is why the City wants everyone to know from a statistical standpoint where we stand and what we need to do to improve. Crime reporting, statistical analysis, and information-sharing are central components of modern-day policing.

This methodology, which has been used by the New York Police Department since 1994, allows the police department to track data in near real-time, providing the department greater levels of accountability, focus, and follow-up. The data will support efficient, targeted policing across the city for all residents and visitors and the compiled statistical data is also used as a management tool for reducing crime, improving procedures and training, and providing transparency to the public and City government.

Weekly Report

Mayor Purzycki and Chief Tracy invite citizens to use this online service to gain a greater understanding of what’s happening in your neighborhoods and throughout the city. is a web-based program that help law enforcement agencies provide you with valuable information about recent crime activity in and around your neighborhood.