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Photo of the color guard in procession during the Wilmington Police Academy ceremony.
Photo of officers participating in recreational activities at the Wilmington Police Academy.
Photo of Wilmington Police Academy recruits.
Police cadets at the academy graduation ceremony
Boy kneeling next to dog in front of a WPD police vehicle
Archive photo of WPD officer standing next to his police vehicle in front of the Public Safety Building

On a daily basis, the Wilmington Police Department releases information regarding investigations and the results of our efforts to enhance public safety in Delaware’s largest city. We also use traditional and social media to share suggestions with the public to help prevent crime, and assist members of the news media covering our department and our community.

Sign Up to Receive Alerts, Advisories and Information

Members of the public and media interested in receiving alerts, advisories and information from the Wilmington Police Department are encouraged to sign up to receive information disseminated through Nixle. Those seeking to register are encouraged to share their email address, as most advisories are sent via email. 

You can access our Nixle page, with a full archive of news and information, here:

Social Media

The Wilmington Police Department also encourages members of the public to follow our agency on Facebook and Twitter, where you will find updates and information, along with photos and other content:

  • Facebook - @WilmingtonPolice
  • Twitter - @WPDPIO

Public Service Announcements

The Wilmington Police Department routinely issues public service announcements, sharing important information regarding public safety with residents, businesses and visitors to Wilmington.

Recent public service announcements include:

Help do your part to prevent vehicle theft:

The Wilmington Police Department continues to remind all vehicle owners and operators to do their part to avoid vehicle theft.

Police urge motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended while running, or while keys are inside of the vehicle.
Whether it involves warming up a vehicle before travel, or leaving a vehicle running while picking something up from a restaurant or business, police urge drivers to turn off and secure vehicles whenever they are unattended. These simple tips can help prevent against vehicle theft.
Police also remind drivers to avoid leaving any valuables in plain sight, and to be mindful of spare or valet keys that might be left in their vehicles that could potentially result in a theft.

Wilmington Police remind public about City law addressing illegal dirt bike, ATV riding in City:

The Wilmington Police Department is reminding the public about State and City laws regulating the illegal use of dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
Police ask members of the public who have information about any illegal activity involving these off-highway vehicles – including where they are being operated or stored – to call the Wilmington Police Department at (302) 654-5151. You can also contact the department’s crime tip hotline at (302) 576-3990, and callers can remain anonymous.
State law defines “off-highway vehicles” as including dirt bikes and ATVs, and registration with the State is required.
On July 12, 2018, City Council passed Ordinance 18-040 (https://library.municode.com/de/wilmington/ordinances/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=901246), which adopted the State’s definition and set forth further regulations, which are excerpted here:

  1. Use and possession.
    1. Driving or riding vehicle.
      1. Pursuant to 21 Del. C. § 6814(a), no person may drive or ride any OHV on any public street, sidewalk, or right-of-way that is located in the city or, wherever located, that is owned or regulated by the city.
      2. Pursuant to 21 Del. C. § 6821(a), no person may drive or ride an OHV on public or private property without express permission of the owner of the property.
    2. Possessing unregistered vehicle. No person may own, control, possess, or have custody of any OHV that is not registered with the state pursuant to 21 Del. C. § 6801.
    3. Possessing mobilized vehicle. No person may own, control, possess, or have custody of any OHV in the city, while the OHV is not being used in accordance with state law, unless the vehicle is securely locked or otherwise immobilized by a wheel clamp or other object, device, method, or mechanism, whether attached to the vehicle or not, that:
      1. Prevents the vehicle from being freely moved; and
      2. Cannot be removed or deactivated without the assistance of the vehicle's owner.

The City ordinance also set forth penalties for violations of those provisions:

  1. Penalties.
    1. Civil penalty. Any person who violates any provision of this section is subject to a civil fine of $2,000.00 in addition to any other penalty issued pursuant to this chapter.
      1. Any owner to whom a penalty is issued may, within 48 hours of being fined, agree to forfeit the vehicle in lieu of contesting the violation and in lieu of any other fines or penalties.
      2. It should be considered a mitigating factor during judicial proceedings if an individual charged under this Section, and who has contested such charge, can provide proof that, after the time of a violation, the vehicle in question has since been properly registered and an appropriate immobilization device and transportation mechanism have been secured in order to ensure future compliance with this section.
    2. Confiscate. In addition to any civil fines a police officer may issue pursuant to this section, whenever a police officer has probable cause to believe that an OHV is being used in violation of this section and either the OHV is not registered or the OHV does not bear a valid registration decal pursuant to state law, the officer may confiscate the OHV, whereupon the police department shall comply with the provisions of this chapter.

The Wilmington Police Department will continue to enforce this ordinance, along with all relevant State laws governing off-highway vehicles and motor vehicles generally.

Media Inquiries

Members of the news media seeking information regarding the Wilmington Police Department or about a specific investigation or incident can contact the following personnel: