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False alarms account for 50% of all alarm activation calls responded to by the Wilmington Police Department. To reduce the unnecessary calls for service and to better utilize police resources, all owners of electronic security systems in the City of Wilmington MUST obtain a permit.

Who needs a security alarm permit?

Any person or entity (corporation, partnership, proprietorship, government, educational institution, etc.) owning or leasing a security alarm system, or on whose premises a security alarm system is maintained for protection of the property must have a permit. This includes hold-up, panic and burglar alarms. This does not include fire, car, or medical alert systems.

What is the permit for?

The permit allows you to operate a security alarm system in the City of Wilmington. Permits also provide the Wilmington Police Department will necessary information. With a valid permit police will respond to an alarm activation.

What happens when my alarm is activated?

If your security alarm system is monitored, the monitoring company will contact the police department. If your alarm system is not monitored, someone must initiate the call to the police.

Contact the False Alarm Program

Phone: 866-377-8834

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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