Water/Sewer/Stormwater Bill

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The City of Wilmington has changed from quarterly utility bills to monthly utility bills.
What does this change mean for you? Instead of receiving 4 larger bills per year, you will receive 12 smaller bills per year. Monthly billing makes it easier to manage payments and household budgets, avoid delinquency, track water usage, and avoid huge bill spikes by identifying leaks faster.
Please note:
  • We expect higher call volumes during the next few months because of our transition to monthly billing. Unless your utility billing question is urgent, please email us at RevenueInquiries@WilmingtonDE.gov for faster response times.
  • If you are visiting our Finance customer service window in person during the transition to monthly billing, you may experience longer than normal lines and wait times. Please plan your visit accordingly.
  • It may take longer than normal to process your payments during our shift to monthly billing. We appreciate your patience during this transition.
  • If you are paying by check, please write your utility billing account number on your check and include the bottom portion of your bill with your payment. This will help us process your payment quickly.