Residential Permit FAQs

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  • What has changed?

    The City of Wilmington will no longer issue a Residential Parking Permit sticker to be affixed to your vehicle. Our new Residential Parking Permit (RPP) system will use License Plate Recognition technology to determine if your vehicle has permission to park in a specific Residential Parking Permit Zone. (Note: Not valid for metered parking spaces)
  • How will I know when my zone will convert to the digital process?

    The conversion to Digital Residential Parking Permits will be implemented by Zone. Visit this link for the complete implementation schedule.

    You will continue to receive your renewal notification by mail until all zones have been converted. Once all zones have been converted, you will receive renewal notification by mail for one additional year. After this time you will receive renewal notification by the email you provided, if you applied online. If you applied via mail or fax, you will continue to receive notification by mail.

    Follow the instructions on your renewal notification to apply for your digital permit.
  • How do I apply?

    When your zone is converted, the City of Wilmington will provide three options for the renewal or replacement of your Residential Parking Permit (RPP). All three options must have the proper documents uploaded or attached.

    (Preferred and most efficient method). Please allow up to five business days for your permit to be processed.

    Fax the remittance with a copy of your driver’s license and registration to Digital Residential Parking Permits at (302) 571-4087.

    City of Wilmington
    Louis L. Redding City/County Building
    Department of Finance
    800 N. French Street, 1st Floor
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • What documentation is needed for a digital residential parking permit?

    If you currently have a Residential Parking Permit, you will need to provide proof of residency, in the form of:

    1. a copy of your valid driver’s license; and
    2. a copy of your vehicle registration

    If you are a new resident, please provide copies of the following four documents:

    1. a copy of your driver's license;
    2. a copy of your vehicle registration;
    3. proof of your address, in the form of a lease or deed; and
    4. a utility bill.
  • How do I apply for a digital residential parking permit if I have multiple vehicles registered to the same address?

    Follow the guidelines in Question #3, being sure to upload the registration cards for each vehicle. One household may have up to 4 permitted vehicles.
  • Is there a fee for the digital residential parking permit?

    No fee is required for your Digital Residential Parking Permit.
  • How often do I have to renew my permit?

    Digital Residential Parking Permits are to be renewed annually based on the expiration date in your residential zone.
  • What if I owe an outstanding balance to the City of Wilmington, Delaware for a parking citation or red light violation?

    Any outstanding parking citations and/or red-light violations must be paid before a Digital Residential Parking Permit will be issued or renewed.
  • Does this change affect how I request a guest parking permit?

    Not at this time. Guest Parking Permit applications can be found at our City’s website: Requests may also be made via email: or by calling (302) 576-2099.
  • Does the permit exempt the holder from other parking regulations?

    No. Permit holders must continue to obey all other parking regulations, including safety regulations such as not parking too close to a fire hydrant or a corner, at a bus stop or in a Tow-Away zone.
  • How is the Digital Residential Park Permit Program enforced?

    Parking Regulation Enforcement Officers (PREOs) make rounds of the permit district to enforce the posted time limit(s). When a vehicle without a Digital Residential Parking Permit is parked overtime, it is ticketed. Permitted vehicles will also be ticketed if the permit has expired.