The Wilmington Awards

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The Wilmington Awards recognizes outstanding accomplishments of distinguished Wilmington citizens and/or citizens who serve Wilmington, excelling in the fields of the arts, athletics, business, education, environment, and health or science. It also recognizes individuals for their community service, heroism, contributions to the faith community, and dedication to the cause of human and civil rights. Senior citizens are also recognized for their life-long accomplishments.

As an addition to the Wilmington Awards, an Executive Order was issued in 2016 to establish the Thomas L. Cottingham Good Samaritan Award. The Executive Order states, “that the selfless act of courage and humanity performed by Thomas will forever live on and be remembered; to ensure Thomas is not forgotten, in his honor individuals who perform superior acts of bravery and kindness from this point forward will be recognized and awarded the Thomas L. Cottingham Samaritan Award.”

Wilmington Awards eligibility is based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Leadership in community-building
  • Advocacy for educational excellence
  • Selfless act of courage and superior act of bravery
  • Furthering economic opportunity
  • Promotion of social justice
  • Advancing cultural awareness
  • Involvement with music and the arts to promote greater understanding and acceptance

The Access Wilmington Awards are designed to recognize those in the greater community of the City of Wilmington who are going above and beyond to open doors and create opportunities for people living with disabilities and their families. It recognizes individuals in the categories of Accessibility to the Arts, Accessibility to Resources, Community Involvement, Employment/Business Ownership by and for the Disabled.

Access Wilmington Awards eligibility is based on exemplifying excellence “beyond the ordinary” in helping to progress:

  • Accessibility to the Arts
  • Accessibility to Resources
  • Community Involvement
  • Employment/Business Ownership by and for the Disabled